30L River Cast Ultra Slow Deep Cast Resin

30L River Cast Ultra Slow Deep Cast Resin

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Health Of Mind River Cast Ultra Slow is an Australian Made Epoxy Resin system that is unlike any on the market, setting the new standard for large epoxy castings!

What's the Difference between River Cast & River Cast Ultra Slow?

The answer is "not much" but a there are few subtle differences:
- River Cast Ultra Slow has a lower viscosity & slightly longer cure time giving maximum opportunity for amazing clarity
- River Cast Ultra Slow has a shore hardness of 80D making it a little less harsh on cutters & blades.
- The longer cure time makes it ideal for those working in warmer conditions, however does not make it bullet proof, refer to data guides to maximise your chances of a great pour!
- Both are brilliant deep casting resins that are slightly different in chemistry, in terms of the way they are mixed & poured nothing changes, you will mainly notice the slower cure & lower exotherm temperatures. Fast curing epoxies poured in layers can't produce the amazing results these deep formulas can, remember to get the crystal clear finish you want the resin curing as slowly as as it can keeping the heat down. 

River Cast Ultra Slow is a low super low exotherm resin system that has been designed specifically for thick clear pours. Once mixed and poured bubbles will begin to disperse on their own thanks to excellent bubble dispersion properties, however can be aided with heat (heat gun/butane torch etc).

Benefits of River Cast Include:
- Simple 2:1 Mix ratio by volume
- Excellent UV stability
- Water-White in Colour
- Excellent clarity and Transparency
- Low Viscosity
- Low Exotherm
- Low Odour & VOC͛s
- Slow Curing (56-72 hours depending on pour thickness) with long pot life of 7-8 hours (200g Pot at 25 Degrees Celsius)
- 50mm - 100mm in one pour*
- Australian Made

The low viscosity of this system makes for excellent self levelling applications & ideal to blend with a variety of pigments (we use & recommend Black Diamond Pigments). The low exotherm created by the slower materials of this system, allows the casting of larger and thicker parts without bubbles or cracking. After initial cure of 56-72 hours (varies depending on total thickness poured and ambient temperature), River Cast can be de-moulded in 3-4 days & is fully cured to maximum strength in 7 days.

River Cast Ultra Slow is supplied in kits containing both Part A & Part B.

SDS available on request. Please email: info@HammerRoo.com.au for a copy

*For applications exceeding 50mm deep, use in a temperature controlled environment is strongly advised. For all other pours please follow the guidelines and dont  be pouring in conditions in excess of the 25 degrees for larger volume pours , the size of your pour will determine the risk.

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