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750G Ausmonite - Jesmonite Alternative

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Ausmonite is a high performance two component casting product comprising a water-based acrylic emulsion and a reactive mineral base. This product is suitable for a wide range of decorative casting and laminating applications. Products cast from Ausmonite are suitable for internal and external use, however a suitable sealer or coating system is recommended to protect the surface for outdoor exposure.

Ausmonite is a non toxic 100% certified  Australian made product that has been modelled on the popular UK product Jesmonite. Ausmonite is user friendly product appropriate for all ages, it's non toxic nature and its quick setting time make it the ideal product for schools, workshops, events and for those well who simply aren't patient. This formula is readily available and very affordable.

Key Features 

-Quickly demoldable
-Solvent free water based system Non hazardous formulation Excellent flow
-Good pot life
-Easy to use
-Convenient 2 to 1 mixing ratio

Weighing and mixing

Calculate amount of material required – 275g of Ausmonite Resin Liquid and 550g of Ausmonite Resin Powder will fill approximately 450mL.
Weigh out amount of Liquid required.
Add pigments to the Liquid and mix to achieve the desired colour.
Weight out the amount of Powder required (2 parts Powder to 1 part Liquid by mass). Add the Powder component to the pigmented Liquid component and mix until a uniform mixture is obtained – ensure that the sides and bottom are scraped and incorporated into the mixture. Mixing can either be by hand with a metal spatula or similar, or with a high speed drill mixer.
Pour material into the mold.

Working time
Working time of mixture after incorporation of Powder and Liquid is approximately 15 minutes.

Curing time
The cure time required is subject to volume of material mixed, as well as environmental conditions. For casts of 100g to 300g 45 minutes to 1 hour is recommended before demolding. A tooth pick or gently touching the mold can help assess if the material is ready to demold. The material will continue to develop strength following demolding.

Ausmonite is supplied in kits containing both Part A & Part B.

SDS available on request. Please email: for a copy.