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Ausmonite Sealer Semi-Gloss 250ML

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Our Ausmonite sealer is an acrylic coating system designed to coat and seal Ausmonite. The sealer will leave a clear film over the surface with a semi gloss sheen. Ausmonite sealer can be applied via a spray gun, microfiber cloth, roller, brush or sponge. It is to be applied directly onto the surface of your casting and should be let sit for 24 hours to cure. 250ML of sealer will cover around 6-8m2 of surface area so do avoid over using. The sealer is completely water and stain resistant making it an essential coating system. Like Ausmonite it is completely non toxic making it 100% FOOD SAFE

Application details:

- Apply a small amount of sealer to your preferred method of coating  

- Apply evenly over the surface and let sit for 24 hours 

- Make sure the surface is clean before applying and avoid using excessive amounts of sealer.