No Seal Reusable Medium Serving Board Mold 530x330mm

No Seal Reusable Medium Serving Board Mold 530x330mm

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No more cutting, taping, screwing & messy silicone!

No Seal Molds are here! Australian made from high quality HDPE these forms are designed to save time!

Simply cut your timber to size, & pour! Once cured flip over and knock out! After a quick clean the form is then ready to pour again straight away! No more waiting for silicone to dry!

Designed to make a medium serving board with internal dimensions of 530mm x 330mm x 70mm

To extend the life of your mold we highly recommend the use of Mann Ease Mold Release for a more efficient release & Isopropyl Wipes to keep your mold clean.

Please Note:

These forms are designed to make setting up and resetting for your next pour as quick as possible so you spend less time building forms & more time pouring! Our forms are designed to produce blanks, not finished products that are ready to sell

Due to the shiney/slick surface of HDPE, there will be minor manufacturing “scuff” marks on the surface of the form. These marks will transfer to your resin but will be planed and/or sanded away very easily. These scuffs will NOT affect your final piece and are not considered faults.

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