River Cast Round Starter Bundle 3 - Silky Oak

River Cast Round Starter Bundle 3 - Silky Oak

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This kit contains everything required to start your resin journey and create a beautiful 400mm serving board, lazy susan or wall hanging!

This Kit Includes:

- 1.5 litres of River Cast Ultra Slow Resin 

- 400mm Round Reusable Mold

- Silky Oak Timber

- Gloves

- 1 Gallon Mixer 

- Variety Pack 5 (10 x 5g Colours)

- 2L Mixing Cup

- Resin & Mold Information Sheets

A few extra items are required to complete this project! You will need a sander, saw to trim edges, mold release (we recommend Mann Ease 200) and your choice of finish (we use and recommend Osmo Top Oil or Kustom Grit)

Your timber will need to be held in place, either by clamping down or weighing down with a heavy object

While we have tried to accurately estimate the resin required, you may have some left over or need a little more!



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