Osmo Cleaning, Care & Maintenance

To preserve the excellent characteristics of natural wood, it should be finished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, this makes the surface both dirt-repellent and protects the wood for the long term. Polyx®-Oils not only accentuate the natural beauty of the wood and feel great to the touch but also allows the wood to breathe.
Step #1: DUSTING
An oiled wooden surface repels dirt. Unlike many other types of flooring, it does not develop an electrostatic charge and does not offer breeding grounds for microbes and allergens. Dust, lint or animal hair can be removed with a vacuum cleaner, dust wand or broom. Cleaning is even easier with the Osmo Cleaning Kit for Floors. The green Dust-Mop from this set was especially developed for dry mopping to remove dust and loose dirt.
Use a damp cloth or mop with Osmo Wash and Care or Osmo Spray Cleaner. The frequency depends on the level of use. For private households, once a week is normally enough. For restaurants and other high traffic areas, you should clean/mop daily.
From time to time, your wooden furniture or flooring can look tired, this means it needs refreshing. For private households, generally this is first necessary after some months. Osmo Liquid Wax Cleaner regenerates the protective oil-wax layer and your oiled surface retains its special shine.
For high traffic and public areas such as restaurants and shops, Maintenance Oil should be used every other month or more depending on the amount of use.
Step #4: RE-OILING
The protective surface can be renewed when the furniture/floor starts to show signs of wear. This can be done without needing to sand the old finish. This is a huge advantage over lacquered wooden surfaces.