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Is Your Wood Ready To Work?

Is Your Wood Ready To Work?

Wet, Green, Freshly Cut & Unseasoned. These are all terms that ring alarm bells for any seasoned woodworker, but we're seeing more & more of our customers getting caught out as they don't understand the meaning of these terms or the timber drying process.
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  • Handsaw

    Mastering Handsaw Techniques

    Mastering handsaw techniques is a crucial woodworking skill, offering precision and versatility in your projects. While machinery handles most cutting tasks, certain aspects, like dovetailing or tenoning, shine with handsaw finesse. Choosing the right saw is paramount, with variations tailored...

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  • Starting Out - Woodworking for Beginners

    Starting Out - Woodworking for Beginners

    Feeling the urge to dive deeper into woodworking after a few successful DIY projects around the house? You've gathered a few tools here and there, but now you're wanting to level up your woodworking. Where to start  The world of woodworking...

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  • About Hammer Roo

    About Hammer Roo

    Who are we? Born in 2019 Hammer Roo is an Australian-owned & run family business which was formed from a passion for working with timber and a quest for high-quality timber and resin products in the Brisbane/Gold Coast area. Since...

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Our Timbers

We stock a large range of seasoned timber in slab & dimensional forms.


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