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Starting Out - Woodworking for Beginners

Starting Out - Woodworking for Beginners

Feeling the urge to dive deeper into woodworking after a few successful DIY projects around the house? You've gathered a few tools here and there, but now you're wanting to level up your woodworking.

Hammer Roo

Where to start

 The world of woodworking tools can be overwhelming, as there is endless options ranging from hand tools to machines, each with their own set of features and materials. 

Ultimately, your choice of tools depends on what you plan to create. Toolkits vary depending on the type of woodworking you're doing.

Second-hand Tools?

While they can offer great deals and unique finds, they often come with hidden challenges. Extra research and energy may be needed to restore them to working condition, and there's no guarantee that they'll meet your expectations. Vintage tools also exist, however they often come with a big price tag.

Brand New Tools?

Alternatively, buying brand new tools offers reliability and support that second-hand purchases may lack. Reputable brands provide after-market support and ensure you're getting a quality product. At Hammer Roo, we believe in offering accessible, quality tools to woodworkers of all levels.

Shop Hammer Roo's massive range of tools here!

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