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Rechargable Magnetic Angle Finder

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Accurately set blade and table angles with ease.

An eco-friendly replacement for the AFB-15, Digital Angle Box, this smart angle finder uses a rechargeable battery and has an automatic shut-off feature. Use it to quickly set up table saws, mitre saws, band saws or any other machine requiring accurate angles.

Accurately set saw blades and table angles with ease!

Why bother measuring and estimating angles with a hand gauge when you can use this digital tool to provide quick, precise angle readings with your tablesaw or any other woodworking machine!

This miniature tool provides digital readings from 0° to 180° to within 0.1 degrees accuracy. Secures to a base with integral magnets. The 5 minute auto shutoff will preserve the battery life.

  • Reading: 0.05°
  • Range: 4x 90°
  • Accuracy: ± 0.2°
  • Incremental from any surface
  • Magnetic on 3 sides
  • Size:54 x 54 x 23mm

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