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Spax 50mm T-STAR Plus Driver Bits 5 Pack

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Availability: LOW STOCK
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  • SPAX screwdriver inserts for manual screwdrivers, electric and cordless screwdrivers, drills and air screwdrivers
  • Perfect fit
  • Optimal hardness and torque transmission values
  • Long service lives

Exactly matched to T-Star Plus SPAX screws, easily recognizable by the orange color coding. The bits are available in blade sizes T10 to T50.

With the SPAX bits T-STAR plus you achieve a better power transmission through a perfect fit, a longer service life and a faster insertion. The clean fit of the bit also means better guidance, for example when screwing overhead.

The SPAX T-Star plus bits can be recognized by the orange color marking, the blade size can be seen from the corresponding imprint as well as the embossing.

The length of the short SPAX bits T-STAR plus is 25 mm, while the larger is 50 mm. The perfectly matched system T-Star plus, consisting of screw and bit, always offers you the optimal screwing experience.

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