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Timber/Decking Screws Square Drive B8 Coating Bremick

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B8 Coated for Extreme Environments (Category 5 Rated)

These screws from Bremick are made specifically for extreme decking and outdoor projects.

The Revolution B8 Coating System far exceeds the performance specifications of AS3566 with a certified and unrivalled Corrosion Resistance of more than double that of traditional Class 4 coatings.

These screws are fully warranted for use in environmental conditions up to and including ISO 9223 Category CX (Extreme) Very Severe Marine and Very Severe Industrial Zones.

Its bugle head makes it so that the timber doesn’t split when countersinking. The ribs under its head allow this screw to cut the countersink themselves as you drive them in. These also have a type 17 point which allows self-drilling when using these screws.

These screws are built thick making them ideal for a variety of applications from light to heavy carpentry. 

Note: Lengths measured inclusive of the head.

Timber/Decking Screw Features:

  • Square drive.
  • For light to heavy duty use
  • B8 coated for long lasting rust protection vs galvanising and zinc plating
  • Bugle head
  • Type 17 Point
  • Great for all outdoor construction especially heavy constructions requiring thick and heavy wood such as decks etc

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