Zero Play Mitre Bar Kit
Zero Play Mitre Bar Kit

Zero Play Mitre Bar Kit

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The Micro Jig ZeroPlay Guide Bar System is the easiest and fastest mitre bar to setup.The one adjustment is all that is needed, rather than adjusting several grub screws.

Because the adjustment is done from the top rather than underneath, you’re not taking it off all the time to make slight changes, test it before making more adjustments. Adjust the width of the bars before attaching them to the sled. Then attach the bars loosely, place the sled onto the table and then tighten once they are in to track.

At 235mm, it is short enough to fit to all tables to create a usable jig or sled.With its ease of adjustment, you can now use the same sled on multiple tables, in different tracks even if there is a difference in slot widths.

Position the Mitre Stops in the mitre slot before and after the Mitre Bar to limit the travel, or attach a hold down clamp. 

Made in the USA.

  • Custom fits standard 3/4" x 3/8" mitre slots
  • Slot Width Range: 18.54mm - 20mm
  • Slot Depth: minimum 7.94mm

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