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About Osmo Finishes

About Osmo Finishes

What makes Osmo finishes so special?

Osmo products are not your average wood finishes. They are based on natural oils and waxes, specially formulated to penetrate deep into the wood, enhancing its natural beauty and protecting it from within.

Osmo Holz und Color began as a sawmill in Germany over 100 years ago.  The company expanded into producing a wide range of finished timber products including flooring, bench tops, decking, garden fencing, and kit homes. These all required a durable finish and the owners were dissatisfied with cracking and peeling lacquers even back in the 1960's. This motive was the drive to create a better finishing system and led to extensive research and development, and then the opening of the Osmo Color facility. Osmo is the only timber product manufacturer which completes its product range with surface finishes that are developed and produced in house. This is why the Osmo finishes are a perfect match for timber.

Why should you choose Osmo Hardwax Oils?

There are many reasons why Osmo finishes should be your go-to choice for finishing your next project:

  1. Unparalleled durability

Osmo finishes are known for their exceptional durability. Once applied, the waxes form an elastic, micro porous surface that is resistant to scratches, stains, and water damage. This means that your woodworking projects will stand the test of time, even in high-traffic areas.

  1. Easy application

Unlike some other wood finishes, Osmo products are incredibly easy to apply. They have a low viscosity, which means that they spread smoothly and evenly across the surface of the wood. This not only saves you time and effort but also ensures a flawless finish every time.

  1. Natural and eco-friendly

Osmo products are made from natural ingredients, such as Sunflower, Soya, Linseed and Thistle oils and waxes. They contain no harmful chemicals or solvents, making them safe for both you and the environment. So you can feel good about using Osmo products on your woodworking projects.

  1. Enhances the natural beauty of wood

One of the most remarkable things about Osmo products is that they enhance the natural beauty of wood. They bring out the rich colors and unique grain patterns, creating a finish that is truly breathtaking. Your woodworking projects will look more stunning than ever before.

So why settle for ordinary wood finishes when you can experience the magic of Osmo Hardwax Oils? With their unparalleled durability, easy application, and ability to enhance the natural beauty of wood, Osmo products will take your woodworking to the next level.

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