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Introducing WoodFast Woodworking Machinery!

Introducing WoodFast Woodworking Machinery!

As European machinery costs rise, many small and medium manufacturers find themselves priced out of the market. That's where WoodFast comes in. Offering powerful, reliable, and affordable machinery that rivals Euro brands at a fraction of the cost. 

Enthusiast machines may seem like a viable option, but they often lack the durability and performance needed for production work. Knobs fall off, switches give out, and they simply can't handle the demands of a commercial workshop.

If you're in need of high-performance European-type machinery without breaking the bank, WoodFast has you covered. Let's take a closer look at their combination planer/thicknessers:

  1. Woodfast 260mm Planer/Thicknesser with Spiral Head: Compact yet powerful, this machine features a 3HP motor and dual table lifting system, perfect for serious makers tackling big projects.

  2. Woodfast 310mm Planer/Thicknesser with Spiral Head: Building on its predecessor, this model offers increased cutting dimensions, allowing you to flatten and thickness a wide range of timbers with ease.

  3. WoodFast 410mm Planer/Thicknesser with Spiral Head: The pinnacle of WoodFast's lineup, this machine boasts a 4HP or 5.3HP motor and can handle the demands of a commercial woodwork shop while still being accessible to enthusiasts.

Experience the difference affordability and performance can make with WoodFast!

Shop our WoodFast range Here!

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