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Choosing The Right Epoxy Resin For Your Project

Choosing The Right Epoxy Resin For Your Project

Do you have a project in mind but aren't sure which epoxy resin to use? With so many brands, types & ratios available it can be very confusing for first time users, so we've broken it down below!

Cheap epoxy is nasty! Usually imported from overseas pumped with many unnecessary harmful chemicals, with poor product performance including woeful bubble dispersion (filling your piece with annoying bubbles) and minimal if any UV Blockers (resulting in fast yellowing), they are a get-what-you-pay-for when it comes to these epoxies.

At Hammer Roo we use & sell only the best quality Australian Made epoxy resins from Health Of Mind Art as well as our own branded All Purpose Epoxy.

Health Of Mind Art epoxy resins have been specifically designed for the epoxy artwork & timber work sector. There is a specific formula for every project to give you outstanding results.

All of our epoxy resins are mixing by volume, not weight by ratio. The higher the ratio, the more viscous (water like) the epoxy is, the closer they are the more honey like the consistency. All of our epoxies except for Pure Glass are 2:1 ratio, meaning it needs 2 parts A to 1 part B. The Pure Glass is a 1:1 ratio.

Which epoxy do you need?

Pure Glass – Suitable For Resin Art, Sealing Timber & Flood Coating

1-3mm in depth in a single pour.

This cell forming art resin is the perfect epoxy resin system for those wanting to try resin art or looking to seal or flood coat timber. As the name suggests it leaves a glass like, high shine finish. This coating resin has a slightly extended work time than most to ensure brilliant bubble dispersion.

For those sealing timber or art work we strongly suggest adding the pure booster which is our coating additive for an absolute flawless finish. The booster is an agent that is designed for coating purposes only. If it is added when trying to achieve pigment dispersion (cells) then you will not achieve your desired result.

Pure Tough – (Stone Coat Alternative) Scratch & Heat Resistant Epoxy Flood Coating

0.5-1mm in depth in a single pour (Multiple coats required for best results).

This coating epoxy is the hardest & most durable in the Health Of Mind Art range. The Pure Tough formula has been designed for timber projects where a durable scratch and heat resistant finish is required. It is the best finish for those looking for that super high gloss epoxy finish. For best results this finish is designed for internal use only.

Cast Away Ultra Clear – Suitable For Shallow Artwork Casting, CNC/Laser Engraving Filling, Silicone Molds & Filling Voids/Cracks In Timber

10-20mm in depth in a single pour.

This shallow casting epoxy resin is designed to cure crystal clear. It is recommended that this resin is cast between 10-20mm in the depth depending on volume and conditions (temperature, volume & size of pour). This formula is a fast curing casting epoxy making it suitable for all shallow pours. This formula can also be used with any crack and void filling in timber. Once cured additional layers can be poured on top to achieve greater thickness.

River Cast – Suitable For Deep Casting River Tables, Serving Boards, Wall Art, Wood Turning & Filling Larger Voids/Cracks In Timber

10-100mm in depth in a single pour.

This deep casting epoxy resin formula is renowned for its amazing clarity & bubble dispersion. If you're wanting a super clear epoxy look no further. Designed with the end user in mind, this epoxy is very user friendly, combining only high end raw materials and extra UV protection this product really is the product for all your charcuterie boards and river tables and other deep pours. Can be used from 10mm-100mm volume and conditions dependent (temperature, volume & size of pour).

All Purpose Epoxy – A General Use Epoxy Suitable For Sealing/Flood Coating, Shallow Casting (Including River Tables), Serving Boards & Filling Voids/Cracks In Timber

1-15mm in depth in a single pour.

Similar to the Cast Away Ultra Clear this general use epoxy is a good all-rounder for anything 1-15mm in depth. While still a great epoxy, it doesn't have the same premium ingredients as the Health Of Mind range, meaning it does also come with a lower price point for the budget conscious. This epoxy formula has been used by professional river table makers for many years because of it's quick dry formula it can be re-poured every 3-4 hours meaning you can easily build up 50mm+ in a single day (volume dependent). Once cured additional layers can be poured on top to achieve greater thickness.

If you have any questions about which resin to use for you project please contact us for advice & support from our team of resin gurus!

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