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2L Pure Glass

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Health Of Mind Pure Glass is an Australian Made Epoxy Resin that sets a new standard for Art & Coating resins!

Pure Glass has been designed with the artist in mind, featuring a long working time of 60 minutes this low viscosity resin has excellent movement & flow allowing for good colour blending & will self-level. Once mixed and poured bubbles will begin to disperse on their own thanks to excellent bubble dispersion properties, however can be aided with heat (heat gun/butane torch etc). As the name suggests Pure Glass provides a beautiful glass-like finish when mixed, poured and cured. 

Benefits of Pure Glass Include:
- Simple 1:1 Mix ratio by volume
- Self Leveling
- Excellent UV stability
- Crystal Clear Glass-like finish
- Excellent clarity and Transparency
- Low Viscosity
- Low Odour & No VOC͛s
- Long working time of 60 minutes
- Can withstand up to 80 degrees Celsius once cured - it is still recommended to use coasters on resin work.
- Australian Made

The low viscosity of this system makes for excellent self leveling applications & ideal to blend with a variety of pigments (we use & recommend Black Diamond Pigments). Once fully cured it features a high heat resistance of up to 80 Degrees Celsius.

Pure Glass is supplied in kits containing both Part A & Part B.

SDS available on request. Please email: for a copy.

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