4" Blast Gate - Attaches to Machine Dust Port

4" Blast Gate - Attaches to Machine Dust Port

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Do you use multiple machines? This plastic blast gate is designed to push directly onto the outlet of most woodworking machines or inlet of your dust extractor and the opposite side will connect directly into a 4" hose using a hose clamp, so switching between lines becomes easy. The ability to open and close dust extraction lines is so beneficial when using a network going to a selection of machines. Using a gated system you mitigate suction loss and increase airflow to the machine you are using at the time. 

Used with a "Y" or 3-way junction to close the hoses off to the machines not being used, making your dust extraction unit efficient by not keeping unused lines open. 

For those wishing to know the internal and external dimensions for connecting to existing machines or other setups. 98mm to 102mm taper to suit 4" hose on one side, to 100mm / 107mm to fit machine outlets or a dust extractor inlet.

  • Easy to use and install.
  • Gate fits onto a machine from one side, and a hose on the other.
  • Makes a network of dust extraction hoses efficient.

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