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The Ultimate Grit Sand & Finish Kit

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The Ultimate Grit Kit has everything you need to make your resin sparkle!

Want to spend less time finish sanding and more on other projects without loosing quality? Look no further!

Tested in the Hammer Roo workshop these Australian Made Kustom Grit abrasives are ideal for giving your epoxy resin projects a glass like shine without hours & hours of sanding!

This complete set includes: 

1 x 170ml Food Grade Kustom Grit Superfine Abrasive - Step 1
1 x 170ml Food Grade Kustom Grit Microfine Abrasive - Step 2
1 x 170ml Food Grade Kustom Paste Wax
1 x 250ml Food Grade Kustom Liquid Wax
1 x Choice of 125mm/5" or 150mm/6" Yellow Foam Velcro Application Pad (Step 1)
1 x Choice of 125mm/5" or 150mm/6" Orange Foam Velcro Application Pad (Step 2)
1 x 250ml Blu-Sheen Sanding Solution (Makes approximately 6.25L)

Kustom Grit - Step 1 (50,000 grit equivalent) 

  • After sanding to desired grit apply Kustom Grit Step 1 with paper towel or cloth to the work piece.
  • For best results use the Yellow Buffing pad to work the product into the piece.
  • Use a clean cloth to wipe any excess Kustom Grit from the work piece before moving onto Kustom Grit Step 2.

Kustom Grit Step - 2 (100,000 grit equivalent)

  • After wiping the piece clean from Kustom Grit Step 1 apply Kustom Grit Step 2 with paper towel or cloth to the work piece.
  • For best results use the Orange Buffing pad to work the product into the piece. Can also apply by hand with a clean cloth.
  • After buffing use a clean cloth to wipe any excess from the work piece.

Please Note: Great results are achieved anywhere from 400 Grit, however 2000 Grit will give a glass like finish. The higher the sanded grit, the better the overall finish will be.

Kustom Wax's Bees Wax are handcrafted in Australia from the finest raw materials.

These waxes contains no hidden nasties and are deliberately low-allergenic and food-safe, making them perfect for the upkeep of food related wooden objects, like spoons, spatulas and bread boards. Environmentally friendly, Beeswax imparts a lovely natural sheen to any raw or finished timber and adds a further layer of protection against the elements.

Used wherever a furniture wax is required, from jewellery boxes to sideboards and dining tables. The liquid wax will penetrate more deeply than an equivalent paste wax making it ideal for nourishing the timber and building a deeper layer of protection first. Multiple coats can be applied if desired, then follow up with Kustom Wax Paste Bees Wax, for the ultimate shine and protection available from natural beeswax.

How to Use:

  • Apply to clean and dry surface
  • Apply with cloth, brush or paper towel
  • As a simple finish or for "upkeep" of previously waxed items, allow Kustom Wax Liquid to absorb into the piece for 5 to 10 minutes before buffing with a clean cloth
  • Repeat with a second coat if desired or;
  • For the best results, allow Kustom Wax Liquid to absorb for 1 hour, buff with a clean cloth
  • Then apply Kustom Wax Paste
  • Allow Kustom Wax Paste to absorb and dry on the piece for 30 minutes, or when fully absorbed, before buffing with a clean cloth

Use Kustom Wax Liquid or Wax Paste on clean used chopping boards for future protection. Reapply to chopping boards every 6 to 12 months or when required, for premium protection.

Blu-Sheen Sanding Solution

Australian Made Kustom Blu-Sheen Sanding Solution keeps your abrasives cleaner as you wet sand, while also helping keep the piece you are sanding wet longer.

Kustom Blu-Sheen Sanding Solution helps remove the debris from sanding by creating a film as you sand and moves debris away from where you are sanding resulting in a cleaner, more efficient sanded surface.

Simply add 10ml of Kustom Blu-Sheen Sanding Solution to 250mls of water before wet sanding.

Works great for sanding stabilized wood, resin, acrylic, plastics, CA Finish, use with your whetstones, and much more...


Does Kustom Grit work on timber?
YES! The materials used will protect any wood used in the work piece and the resin can be free from oils.

Can Kustom Grit be used for Lathe work?
YES! Kustom Grit Can be used for Lathe work recommend using Low RPM between 400 to 800

Can Kustom Grit be used on any other surfaces?
YES! Kustom Grit is great for cleaning & sealing cast iron tops, metals & other fine polishing.

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