Titebond Titebrush

Titebond Titebrush

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Titebond Titebrush is a durable glue brush with 100% silicone bristles and a plastic handle that has been designed with the woodworker in mind. No longer are disposable brushes, fingers and other spreading tools needed to spread glue, the non-stick surface makes using most woodworking and polyurethane glues possible without getting glue everywhere. The bristle end is used for spreading glue across or along a surface, and the paddle is used for finer detailed applications, such as areas the brush will not get into such as mortice and tenon, dovetail and finger joints.

Cleanup is done by peeling the glue off once dried, or by using warm soapy water on the bristles of the brush.


  • Paddle end is ideal for fine details; mortise & tenon, dovetail, finger joints and mouldings
  • 100% silicone bristles
  • Durable plastic handle
  • Ideal for woodworking & crafts
  • Compatible with all types of glues
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Brush-end spreads glue evenly – Small or large applications

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