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Torquata 90-Deg 140mm Clamping Square & Clamp Set 2 Pack

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Do you want to make perfectly square corner joints accurately and quickly? Then check out these 90 Degree 140mm Corner Clamping Squares and Clamp Set from Torquata. A complete set of robust yet economical corner clamping equipment perfect for the enthusiast and pro woodworker alike.

Make assembling furniture and cabinet casework a simple process with this Torquata 140mm Clamping Square Set. Just line up your work with the 90° square, insert the toggle clamps, and secure your work to the square. With metric graduations embossed along either outer edge, these clamping squares are also a great aid in setting out and checking heights. Everything you need is in the set. Every workshop needs a Torquata Clamping Square and Clamp Set.

Features & benefits

  • Robust and versatile for guaranteed long and purposeful life
  • 8 x 8mm clamp fixing holes so you can secure your corner square as tightly as required
  • 4 x purpose designed toggle clamps - this system works perfectly every time
  • Clamps feature easy to hold knobs for ease of use
  • Easy to read graduations on both other edges
  • Minimal easy to maintain and clean design


  • Each set includes 2 clamping squares and 4 toggle clamps
  • Clamping squares 140mm x 140mm x 16mm thick
  • 8mm fixing holes along each axis
  • Maximum toggle clamp reach 65mm
  • Metric and imperial graduations
  • CNC machined from aluminium alloy

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