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2K Pure Coat Acrylic Polyurethane (Food Safe)

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This Item is classed as dangerous goods & cannot be express posted. It can be sent via road only.

2K Pure Coat Poly is a two component, non-yellowing, clear gloss finish, acrylic modified polyurethane coating for timber and resin that is FOOD SAFE upon curing.

This coating has been formulated to combine chemical resistance with durable performance as well as being 100% UV resistance for all indoor and outdoor timber and and decorative finishes.

It can be applied via foam roller or spray gun. 2K Pure Coat is also food safe once fully cured.

This product allows for solid timber furniture to be coated and protected in just a few coats. It has a super high gloss finish that will wow you.

Coverage is around 140ML per square meter per coat.  Apply 2-3 coats for a satin like finish and 3+ coats for a higher gloss.

Cure Time: Re coat after 2 hours. Full cure is 2-3 days

Mixing Ratio: 4 Part A : 1 Part B

This coating requires a dust free ventilated area when applying. Application instructions will be on the can however please read a few tips below:

  • Apply a light “dust coat” to seal the timber pores before applying 2nd 3rd and 4th coats. Wait 2 hours between coats. Lightly sand the surface before each coat using 180 grit + sandpaper.
  • Avoid applying in 85%+ humidity and 35+ degrees ambient temperature
  • As this is a coating that forms a film, if you don’t have a dust free environment you can expect some surface dust imperfections. These can be buffed out or left as they aren’t overly noticeable until close up.
  • Safety must be followed when using this product. Proper ventilated area along with proper vapor filtered mask and eye protection must be worn at all times.




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