410 UV Protection Oil 2.5L

410 UV Protection Oil 2.5L

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Osmo UV Protection Oil - Extra is a natural oil based, clear, microporous, satin finish for new exterior timber joinery and timber garden furniture. It can be used as the final coat over newly applied oil based stains, or as a stand alone clear 2 coat finish. Available as a clear finish or in the timber tones of Oak and Cedar, and the new Natural.

When used by itself as a 2 coat finish, it blocks the greying process of the timber by a UV protection factor of 12, when compared with untreated timber. This is a similar principle to the SPF system of sunscreens we use on ourselves.

Osmo UV 410 Protection Oil is water and dirt resistant, and is moisture regulating; reducing swelling and shrinkage of the timber.

Easy to apply and maintain, the oil highlights the natural tones of the timber by giving it a "wet look".

UV 410 does not contain any bio-sides.

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