600mm Round Reusable Mold
600mm Round Reusable Mold

600mm Round Reusable Mold

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Round Reusable Molds are here! Australian made from high quality HDPE these molds are designed to make your life easy!

To extend the life of your mold we highly recommend the use of Mann Ease Mold Release for a more efficient release & Isopropyl Wipes to keep your mold clean.

Available in 4 sizes from 400mm - 1000mm in diameter all perfectly round thanks to CNC cutting.

Please Note:

These forms are designed to make setting up and resetting for your next pour as quick as possible so you spend less time building forms & more time pouring! Our forms are designed to produce blanks, not finished products that are ready to sell

Due to the shiney/slick surface of HDPE, there will be minor manufacturing “scuff” marks on the surface of the form. These marks will transfer to your resin but will be planed and/or sanded away very easily. These scuffs will NOT affect your final piece and are not considered faults.

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