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Round 150mm/6" Non-Abrasive Velcro “Scotch Brite” Pads

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Our round “scotch brite” non abrasive pads have a Velcro backing meaning they stick straight onto any hook & loop type orbital sander or polisher. They are ideal for buffing oils/waxes into timber creating a burnishing effect.

Burnishing is an effective way to apply oil/waxes to timber. It creates friction and heat which can help the finish penetrate deeply into timber for a beautiful finish.

These pads can also be cut with scissors or a sharp knife to fit any shape of random orbital sander. The base of the sander needs to be velcro receptive so the pads will adhere. The sander can then be used to buff smaller items such as furniture etc.

Sold in singles, 5 packs, 10 packs & 25 packs in both 125mm/5" & 150mm/6" sizes.

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