Rapid Cure R90 Resin Kit 500ml

Rapid Cure R90 Resin Kit 500ml

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Rapid Cure R90 Resin - 5 Minutes Cure Time

Rapid Cure R90 is a high viscosity; solvent free epoxy resin specifically formulated to provide thin film or glue joint gelation in approximately four minutes at 25 degrees C.

This type of adhesive is used in marine joinery and repair; commercial joinery; furniture manufacture; stone and masonary bonding and home handyman applications.

Rapid cure will successfully bond to softwoods; hardwoods; particle board; MDF; Formica; glass; leather; ceramics; most metals including stainless steel; and some plastics.

Can also be used to fill small voids, knot holes & cracks in timber. Is able to be tinted.

Mix Ratio: 1 part hardener to 1 part resin by volume.

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