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Sola Digital Angle Finder WMD200 (200/400mm)

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The Digital Angle Finder For Precise Results at the Touch of a Button

Digital angle finders – also known as digital angle measurers – combine the functions of an adjustable square and a ruler in one electronic measuring tool. Unlike traditional angle finders, which have a scale and a movable indicator to show the angle, digital angle finders have an LCD display that shows the angle in question as a number.

When Are Digital Angle Finders Used?

Digital angle finders are used to measure, transfer, or mark angles. They are usually used when traditional angle measurers or rulers are deemed to be unpractical or limited in terms of accuracy. What’s more, the digital display makes it easier to read the values and improves measurement accuracy. The applications are as varied as the trades where they are used.

Digital angle finders are often used in woodworking, for example by joiners and carpenters, to measure and adjust precise angles for miter cuts, rabbets, corners, or other timber joints. In the metalworking industry, welders and metal workers use digital angle finders when cutting, bending, and welding metal components. In mechanical engineering and when producing machines and mechanical components, it is vital that angles are measured and transferred accurately. Angle measurers are used here to check whether components are aligned correctly, ensure that the angles are in the correct position, or to check angles in technical drawings. Hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts also use digital angle measurers in a huge range of projects around the home.

How Do Digital Angle Finders Work?

A digital angle finder comprises a module and two moving arms. When measuring an angle, the main arm is fixed while the other is placed against the object being measured. Angle sensors record the angle, transfer or process the measured data, and output this as a numerical value on the display, making it quick and easy to measure, check, and mark both internal and external angles. 

What Sets SOLA Digital Angle Finders Apart?

With SOLA WMD digital angle finders, you can measure, mark, and transfer angles with an accuracy of ±0.3°. 

Available in Two Lengths

WMD digital angle finders are available in two lengths: a compact 200 mm version (total length 400 mm) and a 500 mm version (total length 1000 mm). With its long working surface, the 500 mm version is ideal for professional tradespeople, for determining the angles of walls and therefore bridging the associated space in corners, for example.

Arms as Straightedge

The main arm has a measuring edge that ends with a 45° angle. The WMD digital angle finders can therefore be used quickly as a straightedge to check whether the surface of a workpiece is level and straight. For this, place the ruler with the measuring edge on the surface that you need to check. If you can see the backlight at the light gap, this indicates that the surface is not level.

Measuring Edge with STOP

The measuring edge also features an edge stop, so you can use the WMD as a digital try square. The main arm is fixed to an edge while the angle is measured or marked with the other arm. The stop edge ensures that it is fixed securely and prevents the workpiece from slipping accidentally while you are measuring.

Robust Arms

To improve rigidity, the aluminum arms have been reinforced with ribs on the bottom, which prevent them from bending. The metric scale on both arms of the digital angle finder is in a contrasting color, making it really easy to read. You can therefore take measurements precisely and reliably, minimizing errors or uncertainties.

Childproof Battery Compartment

The module on the digital angle finder uses a CR2032 button cell battery. The childproof battery compartment complies with the standard IEC 62368-1:2018 for product safety. You therefore need to open the battery compartment with two fingers at the same time when replacing the battery.

What Are The Additional Functions of the WMD Module?

The module features three functional buttons and is easy to operate. The display is easy to read, even when viewed at an angle. To prolong the battery life as much as possible, the WMD digital angle measurer switches off automatically when not in use. 

Hold Function 

You can “freeze” the current measured value manually using the locking screw or with the Hold function on the display. The measured value is shown on the display, even if the angle measurer is moved or taken out of position. This additional function is particularly helpful if you need to measure angles in inaccessible places where you can barely see the display, or can’t see it at all.

Zero Function

With the Zero function, you can reset the current angle to zero or specify a new zero point. Resetting creates a reference for further angle measurements, whereby the current angle is used as a starting point. When the Zero function is activated, the current angle is set as the zero point.

Technical Data

Material: Aluminum
Surface: Anodized
Color: Black
Measuring range: 0°-270°
Measuring tolerance: ±0.30°
Reading option: 0.10°
Graduations: mm/cm, 2-piece, lasered on both sides
Scale grid: 1.0 mm
Power supply: Button cell CR2032

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